Here's How To Customize Your Facebook News Feed To See What You Want

In case you haven't noticed, your Facebook news feed just underwent a major transformation.

Instead of displaying posts in chronological order from your friends and "liked" pages, such as the Elite Daily Facebook page, your news feed now uses an intricate algorithm to break down what it thinks you'd be interested in seeing.

While some users like the new changes, others want to return to the good old days. Thankfully, there's a way to customize your Facebook news feed to see what you want regardless of the recent platform updates.

For a page...


Liking pages on Facebook is fun until you're constantly missing updates due to the social platform's implementation of the news feed algorithm. At that point, it almost makes "liking" pages pointless... Until now because there is a fix!

If you're interested in seeing a page's updates in your feed before seeing a random post you don't actually care about, simply visit the Facebook page, click the "liked" button which will prompt a drop-down menu and select "see first."

Boom! Now you're in control of your life again.

For a friend...


Having tons of friends on Facebook may have seemed like a bright idea back in high school, but these days, you want to see things that actually interest you rather than your old buddy's photos of him and his girlfriend being gross on the 'book.

Head over to your friend's Facebook page and simply click the "following" button which will prompt a drop-down menu, then select "see first." Consider your news feed, YOUR news feed again!

On mobile...


Last but not least, prioritizing posts using your Facebook mobile app is just as easy as the desktop functions. Visit the friend or page you'd like to see first, click the "following" button and select "see first."

The results are absolutely liberating.

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