Guy Gets Ghosted On Twitter While Hitting On Service Rep

If you've ever been ghosted, take solace in the fact there's no way you could've been ghosted worse than this guy was. Literally anyone can see how hard he got played.

For Craig Hazell, the long road to Ghostsville started off with a routine exchange. He complained about something with regard to a store on Twitter, and the store replied back to him with one of those polite, but kind of creepy messages.

All good, right? Wrong, actually. The trouble for Hazell began when he decided to extend his conversation with this "Amanda" character.

Clearly, the man was trying to shoot his shot. Although, you have to admit his game was a little awkward.

For those of you a little confused, the hot counter is where all the heated food is kept. Now, you could make the argument that they should just call it an oven. But you know... Brits.

Anyway, it wasn't long before your man Craig tried to hit it off with this girl. And for a minute, it looked like she was falling for his corny jokes.


Sheesh. He brought that hot fire.

Let's see what Amanda thought about it...



Nothing: That's what she thought. Your girl was out of there faster than the time it takes for the chicken wings to be ready at that "hot counter."

At that point, Hazell thought, "Daryl? Who the fuck is Daryl?!"

Or at least, he was well within his right to think that at the time.

And if those thoughts weren't actually going through his mind when "Daryl" showed up, he definitely had to have started feeling crazy when all these other guys were dropped in the mix:


Yeah, man. That's crazy. I would've tapped out right there.

Actually, I wouldn't have even been in this situation. But you know what I mean.

Anyway, at this point, Amanda managed to pull off a new level of ghosting. She ghosted him and then came back to re-ghost him AGAIN.


Guys, let this be a lesson: If you can't even be safe from embarrassment after sliding into someone's private DMs, you definitely won't be safe trying to spit game in someone's mentions.

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