This Couple Turned Their Wedding Reception Into An Epic Music Video

*grits teeth* Hooray, Claudia and Nick. *forces self to get out next words* Congratulations. Such a fun party.

Weddings are hell enough without Claudia and Nick putting on a flash mob MID-RECEPTION. WHO DOES STUFF LIKE THAT!?! THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.

As it is, your guests are worried about what they're wearing, how they may have to take off from work tomorrow and all the other cool things they're missing on a weekend night that aren't this wedding they're forced to attend.

Now, they have to deal with the most high-pressure experience of all time -- a one-take flash mob, with probably zero practice, set to tunes from all eras so there isn't even a cohesive musical theme -- on top of all those things?!?!?

Also, I'm going to come right out and say it: This is, hands down, the most Caucasian thing to ever happen. This mashup makes episodes of "M*A*S*H" look like the music video for "Formation."

If you're having a wedding, don't do this. Be better than that.

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