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This Couple Was Caught Having Sex On A Busy Train Platform In NSFW Video

Well guys, chivalry isn't dead.

One couple who was spending the night out ended things on a romantic note when they decided to pretend like no one was in the train station and started making sweet love right on the bench at the Liceu Metro station in Barcelona, Spain.

In all seriousness, this couple was dead-ass banging next to a trash can, and it was actually the early hours of Sunday morning. Many people also started filming them.

The stunned commuters could only watch in disbelief as what has to be one of the most ratchet couples of all time finished up.

You have to think after that, they came to their senses and just called an Uber.

There could seriously be a kid one day who when friends ask how his or her parents met, will just go to YouTube and pull up the night he or she was motherf*cking conceived.

Take that to your show and tell, kid!

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