Couple Romantically Surprises Each Other With Wings


Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

And for many couples, love comes in all shapes and sizes of wings — specifically, those from Buffalo Wild Wings.

In what was either an adorable, relatable moment or a fantastic organic-seeming ad by Buffalo Wild Wings, Paige Barile and her boyfriend Austyn created a viral couple moment.

They have been dating for five months but have known each other for three years. Austyn was playing basketball last week, and Paige wanted to give him a sweet, spontaneous surprise. So, she hopped over to Buffalo Wild Wings and picked up his favorite order.

Paige went home and set up some TV trays to watch their favorite show while eating wings (which is a #sext if ever there were one).

Little did she know, Austyn had the exact same idea. He went over to the exact same Wild Wings and picked up an order to bring home. Paige told Metro,

Apparently Austyn walked in grinning with his grand idea — only to find out it wasn't all that original.

Plus, since they know each other so well, they ordered the same thing. Paige said,

Which, honestly, is not that bad of a problem to have. Paige tweeted about the wings, saying,

Her tweet quickly went viral, racking up over 16,000 tweets. As the tweet flew through Twitter, people called Paige and Austyn obvious #goals, praising their love and wing taste.

Lots of couples on Twitter also related to the tweet, saying it was so something they'd do.


All of which has got me thinking: Boyfriend-whose-name-I-won't-write-for-privacy-concerns, if you're reading this, can you pick me up some boneless wings and curly fries? Thanks babe. <3

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