Couple Shamed On National TV Show After They're Caught Having Sex On Balcony


Two people who did a terrible, terrible thing have learned a valuable lesson after being called out for their disgusting behavior on national TV.

Their heinous crime? You won't believe it, but they had the nerve to have sex on a balcony a few feet outside their own home!

Er, yeah. That's all they did. Hardly a car chase or bank robbery caught on camera, right?


But despite not breaking any laws and being relatively far from any witnesses, they were turned into porn stars by two national TV stations in Spain.

The couple, who was filmed doing the deed in the city of Salamanca, was publicly shamed and humiliated by Telecinco and Antena 3.

The clip is filmed from so far away the person wielding the camera had to zoom in.

In the footage, the standing-up pair are facing away from the camera while making sweet love on their high balcony, with the railing protecting the viewer from seeing too much.

It's fairly innocuous, but it was enough for the two stations to shame them after getting their hands on the footage.

If you ask me, that's way too serious a punishment for a couple who was relatively discrete, at least when it comes to videos of people having sex in public.


The logical next step is filming directly inside people's homes to catch them halfway through the act, surely?

Anyway, you can't fault the pair in this clip, who took advantage of what looks like a beautiful sunny day in western Spain.

Neighbors were reportedly shocked when they were spotted, with some furious that children were able to see.

But people commenting online had a different take.

One person wrote, “everyone can do whatever they want in their house,” and another added, “this is because spring has sprung.”

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