Couple Having Sex In Window Spices Up Guy's Office View: 'Great Hip Action'


While you're at work, thousands of people are having sex. Think about that.

This guy didn't have to fantasize, though, because it was taking place in full view of his office.

Yep. He probably grabbed his morning coffee, said "hi" to Janet in accounts and logged in to his computer like every other normal day.

Except this was no normal day — far from it. For there, right outside his office window, he laid eyes on the act of love making.


Well, actually it was more like hardcore sex. There was no love involved, only passion — so much passion.

Obviously, he took a video because he sure as hell wasn't going to get any work done.

It shows a woman pressed against a window in a hotel opposite his office. A man is seen behind her doing exactly what you just guessed.


Rumor has it no one made the 9 am meeting.

The footage made its way to LiveLeak with the caption,

My view from the office this morning. Caught these two exhibitionists going at it through the office window. Great hip action!

At least these guys had the decency to do it in their hotel room. I can't count the amount of stories we've heard about people banging in public recently. There's a new one every day, I swear.

You didn't hear about the one from today? Oh boy. Basically, a couple had a quickie in the toy aisle of a Walmart. Please don't ask us why, because we do not know.

They snuck into an empty part of the store and went at it among the Barbies and "Frozen" toys.

The footage is as raw and gritty as the images look. There's a lot of thrusting and aggressive motions that will permanently scar your innocence.

We are so sorry.