Couple Gets Caught On Snapchat Having Sex On The Hood Of A Car


Somewhere across the pond, out in the small town of Sleaford, Lincolnshire, a man and a woman were caught on Snapchat wildin' out.

The couple was pictured getting intimate in the dark of the midnight hour on Monday, and by "getting intimate" we mean having sex on the hood of a car like two people with no regard for public opinion.

Of course, this being 2016, someone saw the couple and gave an eyewitness account. That someone is 18-year-old Sophie Turner, who apparently wrote a post about it on Facebook.

The Daily Mail quotes Sophie as saying,

Last night, walking home from work about midnight. And I have to walk past and witness this. I hope the people fornicating on the bonnet of the car are being safe and are also the owners of said car. Seeing as they are in public and didn't mind anyone watching, I got a short snap.

The woman indeed caught a Snap of the two lovebirds and even said they saw her looking. Here's a blurred version of Sophie's Snapchat photo.


Now, the first couple of points we have to make here are obvious, really. People in England actually call the hood of the car a bonnet?!

Wow, didn't see that coming.

Second, they clearly didn't give a damn about people seeing them, not only because they had no clothes on, and practically invited Sophie to take a picture of them, but because they walked out naked in the first place.

You only do that if you're trying to go for a super YOLO move. Guess that's one off their bucket list.

Oh, and lastly, those people are definitely two of the more insane individuals in Sleaford. Or, should we say, Sleazeford? (I'll go home now.)

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