Couple Finds Perfect Pic Of Their Proposal With The Help Of The Internet


Do not dare doubt the power of the Internet. When it takes over the Earth, it will not be a benevolent ruler.

On a lighter note, British man Michael Kent planned a sweet, snowy proposal to his girlfriend, Fiona Newlands.

Kent and Newlands were visiting Iceland, and during a quiet walk around Reykjavík, Kent knelt and popped the question.

Meanwhile, American transplant Jessica Bowe passed by on a mission to snap a picture of the snow and the festive lights.

Bowe ended up capturing something far more sentimental when she saw Kent drop and propose in the middle of the street.

In an interview with The Reykjavík Grapevine, Bowe recalled,

With trembling hands, Kent entered his email into Bowe's phone, and the couple hugged her for being in the right place at the right time.

Sadly, the excitement of the ordeal that caused Kent's hands to tremble cost the couple their photo.

Bowe continued,

The Reykjavík Grapevine posted the picture in an effort to help find the mystery couple, and Bowe took to Twitter and Instagram.

Kent searched for Bowe as well, posting an appeal on social media.

In a turn of events that was in no way shocking because the Internet is astounding, Bowe and the couple were reunited.

Kent claimed to be “in awe” of the successful mission, and the ordeal transformed Bowe's perspective on Instagram activity.

She said,

If Bowe is planning to launch a page featuring touching photos taken around town, this is certainly a spectacular start.

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