Couple Celebrates Anniversary By Eating Cake From Their 1955 Wedding

This is cute, right? Is it? Genuinely asking.

While most couples go out for nice dinners on their anniversaries or visit the first places they kissed, Ann and Ken Fredericks shuck tradition and do something more authentically old school.

I'm talking eating-a-piece-of-their-60-year-old-wedding-cake old school.

Though the adorable Satellite Beach, Florida couple tied the knot in 1955, the Fredericks are still slowly eating the cake they cut on the day of their nuptials.

According to the video, every year on their anniversary they take the cake out of its Saran wrap cover, pour some brandy over it to remoisten the dough, pop a bottle of champagne and chow down on the Eisenhower administration-era treat.

They seem to like it, and it's clearly not dangerous as the couple is still very much alive and seemingly in love.

Maybe they cracked the code on how to keep a marriage together. I gotta get myself some super-old cake... and a wife. Definitely need those two things.

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