We Can All Relate To College Student's Tweets About Dad Spying On Her From Roof


Going away to college is one helluva liberating experience.

From the moment you step foot into the dorms, you're no longer under the supervision of good ol' Mom and Dad -- and sometimes, it's hard for your parents to accept the fact that you moved out.

A teenager named Skye Morris who attends San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas, recently revealed her dad can't seem to let go.

Skye Morris

The 19-year-old shared text screenshots between her and her father, Jay Morris, on Twitter last week, and their conversation is way too relatable.

Skye told Elite Daily the conversation started when she was walking out of class on Friday. While she was approaching her car, her dad sent her a picture of the parking lot from above.

"You see me"


Moments later, Jay asks his daughter if she can see him, and she replies, "Nope."

It turns out the reason she couldn't see him was because he was on the roof.


That's right: Skye's dad was watching her from the roof of a college building.

There he is! Hi Dad!


Skye told Elite Daily about her reaction when she noticed her dad watching from afar, and said, "I thought it was hilarious. I just looked up laughing and waved back."

Apparently, it wasn't too much of a shock Jay was up there because he works for the college and was doing inspections at the time.

Even so, Twitter found the father-daughter encounter hilarious and related the situation to their own lives.

"Literally my dad..."


"Something my parents would do."


"If this ain't my parents."


People are really, really relating to Skye.


"Sad because it's so true."


"Some shit my mom would do."


Since Skye posted the screenshots, her tweet has already accumulated over 15,000 likes and 5,000 shares.

She captioned the pictures, "Go to college they said, you'll get away from your parents they said."

Apparently, Skye's dad is super pumped about his booming popularity since she shared his texts.


I suppose it's safe to say if your dad works for the college you're attending, you won't be "getting away" from him anytime soon.

If I were Skye, I'd probably avoid any walks of shame while her dad is working on the roofs. That'd be really, really awkward.