Chipotle's New Queso Is Finally Here And Twitter Has Some Feelings About It

by Collette Reitz
SAUL LOEB/ Getty Images

Chipotle lovers everywhere were ready to have their lives (and burrito orders) forever changed when the restaurant chain released its queso dip on Sept. 12. Unfortunately, it sounds like once customers gave the cheesy dip a try — and tweets about Chipotle's queso show for many people — it didn't quite live up to the hype. However, Chipotle wants you to know there's a good reason for some people's confusion with their queso -- and it has to do with the restaurant's fresh ingredients.

Chipotle rolled out the queso release in all of its U.S. locations, and loyalists of the chain were really excited to finally try Chipotle's queso. But from the looks of the responses on Twitter, many customers will stick to salsa or guac for their chip-dipping purposes for the time being. Chipotle thinks customers should keep trying the queso, however.

Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold tells Elite Daily,

Much of the criticism of our queso stems from elements that make ours different than others (its texture, for example). We decidedly made our queso different than others in that most queso is made with a bunch of artificial ingredients (stabilizers, preservatives and artificial flavors, for example) and that is not something we do.

According to Arnold, the restaurant knew the response could be mixed. He tells Elite Daily,

Given the pre-conceived notion many people have about what queso is (and isn't), we knew there would be some who didn't like it based on the simple fact that ours is different, largely because it's not made with artificial ingredients.

In response to negative reviews, Arnold says, "That's OK. Others love it." He's not wrong -- there is a good showing of love for the cheesy dip on Twitter as well.

First, queso purists that only want that smooth queso have some real feelings about Chipotle's version.

There are some theories as to how this new queso fell flat.

Maybe you needed to try it with pita chips?

Are you in or are you out?

If the "Cubes" isn't on board, then it's not looking good.

There are some warnings for would-be queso indulgers.

Just some brutal honesty right there.

For those who learn best through demonstration:

There are positive reviews, though.

Some of these less than glowing reviews are not too surprising. Business Insider reports that it had a chance to sample the queso back in July, and its review was not dissimilar to the tweets that have criticized the dip. In the review, the taster reported that the textural difference between Chipotle's queso and other queso dips was apparent immediately. The taster relayed the grainy texture of Chipotle's cheese saucy in comparison with that of a "typical Velveeta-based dip." They went on to explain that the texture was much thicker (think chowder-like) than what you'd usually expect from nacho cheese dip.

On the flavor front, though, the taster reported rich and smoky flavors. Now, if you're thinking that you don't want to dip your chip into a queso that is also described as a chowder — and I'd be on your side — you are in luck, because there is another use for it besides the chip-dipping option.

The Business Insider taster reported that the queso dip can help transform your next Chipotle burrito. Since the biggest issue seems to be the texture, the taster found that when it is added to a burrito (with more ingredients than just a chip to dip), the grainy texture is almost totally lost. So, if you really want to give the queso a try, adding it your burrito is a good first step. You get all of the flavor without missing that traditional queso look.

One final pro-queso tweet.

Hey, if it's in all caps, then you might need to just give it a try and see for yourself.