Proper Cholas Weigh In On Celebrities Dressed Up As Cholas (Video)

Cultural appropriation has become a recurring topic in the realms of Internet outrage and pop culture buzz. And celebrities are no exception.

From Kylie Jenner's cornrows to Selena Gomez's Indian garb and more, several public figures have found themselves in the hot seat for "dressing up" in the traditional fashions of other nationalities.

Mitú, a media site for Latinos, enlisted a few born-and-bred cholas to weigh in on the subject, and the results are exactly as you'd expect.

In the video below, the women look at photos of Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj dressed as wannabe cholas and rate them on a scale of bullsh*t to gold star.

Their commentary is A-plus, ranging from "no, bitch, you ain't got this" to "she looks sexy as f*ck."

In the end, only the Latina of the bunch, Jenny from the Block, gets the chola stamp of approval.

The video currently has over 5 million views and almost 65,000 shares on Facebook.

REAL Cholas Talk Chola Fashion "The teardrop…it looks like a bad lunar.” #CholasTalk Posted by We are mitú on Wednesday, November 18, 2015