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Here's How To Catch Who's Been Binge-Watching Weird Shows On Your Netflix

Sure, posting your Netflix login info to the family group chat seemed like a nice thing to do at the time, until you started getting recommendations on your account for war documentaries and sad dad movies. (I KNOW THAT'S YOU, GRANDPA.)

Even worse is when those mofos start watching the same show you are and lose your place in the playback (AND SPOIL THE "GILMORE GIRLS" FINALE, AUNT CHERYL).

But, never fear. There's a way to catch your mooching family members in the act, so you can then call them out in a manner of your choosing.

Here's what you need to do: On the Netflix home page, click on "Your Account." Go to "My Profile" and select the "Viewing Activity" menu. Then, select the "See recent account access" link.

You should see a list there of everything watched on your account, what time it was viewed, the device on which it was viewed and where that device was.

As long as you know the relative location of everyone who has your password, you should be able to deduce who's watching what.

It's kind of creepy, honestly, but that's what you get for abusing your privileges, fam. I will not be played like this.

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