Hackers Could Know How You're Using Your Smart Sex Toy


I doubt we'll see Elliot hack a vibrator on the next episode of "Mr. Robot," but the real life prospect of something like that happening is still terrifying nonetheless.

If you're anything like me, you're afraid of hackers potentially getting into your email and realizing you should clear out some of the 12,568 unread messages collecting e-dust. Well, you can officially be scared of another device they can find a way into: your smart sex toy. Yes, take as much time to retch, by all means.

According to the Daily Dot, the hacker pair Goldfisk and Follower, which totally sounds like a sitcom on the USA channel about a quirky law firm, were able to hack into the We-Vibe 4 Plus through its processor.

In fact, it's because the processor's Blue Tooth doesn't have a certificate that prying eyes could get a hold of information transmitted between the toy and its app.

From there, hackers could learn quite a lot about exactly how you prefer to spend your sexy alone time.

Imagine someone knowing the intensity setting you enjoy, or which of the 10 vibration modes tickles your fancy the most. I mean, I won't imagine it, but you can.

Of course, the creepiest part of all this is that the manufacturers are already collecting this information. They know exactly how hot your sex toy is getting in the process of getting you hot and bothered.

Frank Ferrari, the president of Standard Innovation Corporation, the creator of We Vibe, said that the temperature data collection is "collected purely for hardware diagnostic purposes." Oh, that's totally fine, Frank!

The hackers claim they are only looking out for users' privacy protection. They said,

As teledildonics come into the mainstream, human sexual pleasure has become connected with the concerns of privacy and security already familiar to those who previously only wanted to turn on their lights, rather than their lover.

This news should make any sex toy owner weak in the knees, and not in the good way.

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