17-Year-Old Speaks Out Against Bullying In Incredibly Powerful Video

by Taylor Ortega

We can all agree the Internet is the best thing to happen to humanity since pizza delivery, but it comes with its fair share of drawbacks.

According to WHAG, cyberbullying can make teens nine times more likely to consider committing suicide.

In an effort to put her own struggle with bullies behind her and offer hope to others feeling lost, Millbrook High School senior Lauren Brocious created a quick, uplifting reminder people are more than what their critics claim.

The 17-year-old told WHAG she has been bullied since eighth grade, but it wasn't until a friend came under fire she felt inspired to speak out against the abuse.

Brocious recalled,

My good friend was telling that she was being cyberbullied and that people were saying not very nice things about her and that kind of gave me the motivation or the inspiration to make a video.

Though the hurtful words of bullies once made Brocious feel like she "couldn't go to school" or "talk to people," she conjured up the ability to focus on the positive parts of herself bullies chose not to see.

She shared,

I wanted kids to understand and look at me and think, 'Wow, it does get better.'

Spreading love and support isn't everyone's initial instinct when facing regular hatred and judgement, but Brocious told viewers,

When we start to love ourselves, the negative words that people will say about us become irrelevant.

For those facing torment through cyberbullying or other means, help is available at 1-800-273-TALK or by visiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's site.

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