You Can Now Buy A Sports Bra That Comes With A Built-In Knife Pocket

Woooo, ladies, let's stab some people!!! That's what feminism is all about, right?!

Well, if that's the case, good news: A knife-bra is a real thing that exists now.

Jennifer Cutrona was out for a run in the Texas woods last year when she apparently narrowly escaped an attacker, with nothing to defend herself. So, she sewed a pouch in her sports bra to store a small knife for the next time she went out.

She then patented the idea and started Booby Trap Bras. Honestly, that is the real name. I can't make this up. It appears the knives themselves are sold separately, though.

There's also a pepper spray option, which I assume probably has significantly fewer justifiable-homicide effects.

But seriously, it's heartbreaking women like Jennifer feel threatened enough to invent something like this. Society, we're really screwing something up here.

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