This Boozy Wine Slushie In Disney World Will Convince You To Take A Trip ASAP

by Collette Reitz
Disney Springs/ Amorette's Patisserie

If you haven't headed down to Orlando to get your Mickey and Minnie fix in lately, you're going to want to book that flight pronto. Why? There is a cafe serving up a boozy remedy to any sweltering Florida day. Splash Mountain is no longer the only way to beat the heat because Disney World's Strawberry Shiraz wine slushie is available at Amorette's Patisserie in Disney Springs.

After you've checked out your future digs at Cinderella's Castle -- Prince Charming was totally eyeing you and it's only a matter of time now -- you're bound to be a bit parched. With your future regal status before you, it's clear that regular wine is no longer going to cut it. That's where Amorette's comes in serving up a fancy AF Strawberry Shiraz slushie that'll make you want to throw on a tiara.

I couldn't dig up an exact recipe for the revelation that is the wine slushie, but it's safe to assume it contains the two most important ingredients: booze and ice. And really, there is not much else you need to know other than that you can cool off, catch a buzz and keep racking up signatures in your childhood autograph book -- a little liquid courage and you can totally get Prince Eric's digits, too.

If you're like me and also a member of the constantly hungry club, then Amorette's is ready to complement your wine slushie with the perfect spot-hitting confection. You could grab an exotic fruit parfait or fulfill your need for some OG Disney with a Mickey-shaped brownie.

Once you've refueled, it's back to the rides and family time. Disney World with the fam can be a little taxing, but thanks to a wine slushie (or two), Space Mountain might be just a touch spacier and your dad's jokes just got a whole lot funnier.