This 11-Year-Old Wants To Collect 1,000 Books With Black Female Leads

After noticing the lack of diversity in school-assigned books, 11-year-old Marley Dias started a movement called #1000BlackGirlBooks in an effort to provide young black girls with books they can relate to.

The movement, which launched in November, aims to collect 1,000 books featuring black female protagonists. After the book drive ends, all of the books will be donated to a school in Marley's mother's hometown of St. Mary, Jamaica.

The inspiring fifth grader explained,

My parents have taught me the value of reading and self-love through books that have characters that look like me and talk like me. I want to make sure other black girls around the world can see and love themselves, too, through these books.

The drive runs through February 1, and so far, Marley is halfway to her goal.

See how the movement has taken off below!

Marley Dias started #1000BlackGirlBooks in November with the help of her mother, GrassROOTS Community Foundation President Dr. Janice Johnson Dias.

Together, they decided all books collected will be donated to a school in Jamaica.

The school, Retreat Primary and Junior High School, is located in Dr. Janice Dias' hometown of St. Mary.

Two of Marley's friends, Amina and Briana, are helping to make the inspiring mission a reality.

So far, they've collected about 500 books featuring black girls as the lead characters.

If you have any books that fit the bill, you can send them to GrassROOTS by February 1…

…or make a financial donation to help the crew buy new books.

Head to Marley and her friends' blog, BAM, to learn more.

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