Cop's Body Cam Shows A Groom Planning A Surprise Dance

Carrollton Texas Police Department on YouTube

Sergeant Todd Burnside, a Carrolton, Texas police officer, was responding to a noise complaint when he came across David Opegbemi and his groomsmen.

In a parking lot, the men were practicing a dance that Opegbemi was going to surprise his wife-to-be with, set to "My Girl" by the Temptations.

It was all captured on Sergeant Burnside's body cam.

In the video above, Sergeant Burnside can be heard approaching the men and asking,

Opegbemi then informs the officer that they're practicing a dance routine. Sergeant Burnside asked if they're a group, to which the groom replied,

Then, Sergeant Burnside was lucky enough to get to see the groomsmen perform.

Opegbemi said,

After Sergeant Burnside shared the video on Facebook, he was surprised by the amount of support he received. He said,

Opegbemi is excited that the video is going viral. He added,

Tiera, his bride, was incredibly moved by the group's dance. She had a smile the entire time. Opegbemi added,

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