Girl Posted About How No One Came To Her Sister's Birthday And We're All Crying

by Robert Anthony

A 6-year-old girl named Kinley Montgomery was devastated when only one of her friends showed up to her birthday party. Thanks to the power of the internet, she feels anything but alone.

Kinley, who is from Champaign, Illinois, was stoked for her upcoming birthday party.

At that age, it's quite hard to contain your excitement when you know you get to stuff your face with cake, open gifts and hang out with your friends.

The girl's family set up a birthday party for her at a bowling alley in her town and invited all of her friends to join her for a special birthday celebration. Unfortunately for Kinley, all but one person showed up.

The 6-year-old's sister Kelsey, 18, snapped a heartbreaking photo of her little sister kneeling on chairs with her one friend Jayla as they looked out the window to see if anyone else would show up to the birthday bash.

She learned a valuable lesson at a young age...

As any big sister would be, Kesley was absolutely heartbroken after taking the photo. The 18-year-old turned to the internet to share the sad moment with her Twitter followers.

The tweet simply reads,

My little sister's birthday party is today and only one girl showed up.

Little did Kelsey know, the internet wasn't going to let poor attendance at Kinley's birthday party get her down. Instead, people from all over the world responded to Kelsey's tweet expressing their support.

Here's Kelsey's heartbreaking tweet about only ONE friend showing up to her 6-year-old sister's birthday party.

Kelsey felt SO bad.

Fortunately for Kinley, when real-life "friends" let you down, the strangers of the internet will always have your back!

People from all over the world reached out to show the 6-year-old she isn't alone.

If she weren't so far away, they'd probably be partying with her.

A birthday card will have to suffice.

One person even offered to send her presents!

Maybe people aren't totally evil after all...

Despite a weak turnout at Kinley's birthday party, the 6-year-old still made the best of a bad situation with her friend Jayla.

Kelsey spoke to BuzzFeed about what happened after the photo was taken, revealing,

They were waiting for their friends to come but they never did so after about 30 minutes we decided to go in and start the game of neon mini golf. They held hands and laughed and had a good time. They played in the arcade as well and got prizes with the tickets they won together.

Don't you just love happy endings? *Sniffles*

Since Kelsey's tweet went viral, she's shown Kinley a bunch of the sweet responses people have sent her. Take that, #FakeFriends.

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