Beyoncé Did An Incredible Thing For One Fan In The Middle Of A Concert

The Queen Bee is at it again. When 22-year-old Ribicca Mamuye and 26-year-old Hamdi Mohamed went to see Beyoncé in action at a concert in Seattle last Wednesday, they expected to see a breathtaking show. What they didn't expect was for a moment of recognition from Queen Bey herself.

While watching what Mamuye describes as the best concert of her life, Beyoncé stopped to point directly at her and pat a nod of approval on her head. As she explained to BuzzFeed,

I was singing and doing the dance moves to 'Daddy Lessons,' and that's when she swung her head and sang and pointed right at me.

Luckily, her boyfriend caught the entire magic moment on camera. As Mamuye wrote in the Instagram video's caption,

Although the group of guys around us were pissed that [Hamdi Mohamed] and I had our Afros out, the queen walked over and gave me her stamp of approval.

Other Instagram fans apparently approve as well. The video has more than 5,000 views so far.

Could we love you any more, Beyoncé?

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