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Here's Where And When To Fly When You're Poor But Need A Vacation

The world is one big copy of “Eat Pray Love,” and you're Julia Roberts, baby!

So what if you just got off a month-and-a-half stretch where you vacationed three times, you're LONG overdue for a vacation. You're not built for desks and Google spreadsheets and Post-it notes. You're a wild gazelle, not some domesticated house iguana.

How does one even vacation, though? How do you do that, really? Actually, better question, WHEN do you do that, really?

Nothing is worse than spending time planning a vacation only to show up somewhere exotic already full of every out-of-state jamoke who had the same idea as you.

Now, you're stuck in lines trying to enjoy your time, and you're barely able to breathe at your destination's most scenic “hidden spots.”

Plus, peak season means peak costs to do anything, so you're also broke and suffering from that once dormant claustrophobia you possess deep down inside.

Thanks to a study by Hipmunk, you can avoid this nightmare. This simple graph breaks down ideal travel dates based on costs to some of America's biggest tourist destinations so you can vacay smarter.

Don't want to go through the graph, you lazy sack of vacation poop? No problem! We did it for you!

All prices listed below account for a flight and a three-night hotel stay.

Chicago, Illinois: November, $693

Honolulu, Hawaii: January, $1,116

Houston, Texas: May, $648

Miami Beach, Florida: June, $783

New York, New York: January, $874

Las Vegas, Nevada: November, $545

Austin, Texas: May, $804

Nashville, Tennessee: October, $855

Dallas, Texas: June, $648

New Orleans, Louisiana: July, $868

Anchorage, Alaska: September, $825

San Diego, California: November, $710

Los Angeles, California: September, $676

San Fransisco, California: November, $898

Aspen, Colorado: March, $1,518

Seattle, Washington: September, $921

Vail, Colorado: March, $1,874


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