Ben & Jerry's Reveals Bernie Sanders Ice Cream Flavor And It's Genius

by Kate Ryan
Getty Images

As if we need more reasons to eat ice cream, Ben & Jerry's does it again with an ice cream flavor that's so on-point, you can't help but marvel at its genius.

Inspired by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the new flavor is solid mint ice cream topped with a hard chocolate shell. The chocolate barrier represents the disparity of wealth that has risen to the top, and if you want to get some chips in your mint, you're going to have to redistribute it yourself.

As Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's, explained to MSNBC,

You take your spoon and you whack that big chocolate disc into little pieces and mix it around.

They're calling it "Bernie's Yearning."

What I love about this ice cream flavor is it has the opportunity to bring people together. Democrats and Republicans alike will have to take part in exercising social justice together. All for the love of mint chip.

Now that's something I can get behind.

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