Man Furiously Beats Guy Caught In Bed With His Cheating Wife In Savage Video


In what is possibly the saddest fight video on the internet today, a man found his wife in bed with a chubbier version of himself, and tries to beat this man to death, but appears to fare miserably at hand-to-hand combat.

Obviously, nobody wants to catch their wife in bed with someone else, so to cut him some slack, we could assume he was just too upset to take proper aim. But the fact of the matter is that it's very sad to watch.

The battle begins on the bed itself, as the wife and her side-man appeared to be relaxing in post-coital bliss, her apparent husband comes flying in as if he'd been dropped from a plane 500 feet above. It seems pretty savage, but you never actually see any punches being landed or any serious groans or grunts from either of these gentlemen.

It actually looks more like two men trying (unsuccessfully) to engage in rough sex on a waterbed.

"Well, it's very difficult to fight on a bouncy surface like that," you might think to yourself, but then the fight moves to solid ground and actually gets much worse, and by that I mean even less skillful.

Even the wife, who I can only assume is watching this horrible lack of motor skills from nearby goes from screaming, "No! Stop!" into total silence, hopefully coming to some realization that both of these men would not fare well if she ever needed their protection on the street.

Usually, when posting a video to get revenge on the guy banging your wife, you want to be able to land at least one solid punch, but this fight comes off more like two men on Ambien trying to dance in a bounce-house.

There are so many unanswered questions I have after seeing this video.

First, who is the person recording this, and how could they have let the husband actually post it? It's bad enough that you were being cheated on, but now you're posting a revenge video minus the actual revenge.

Second, did they stop recording because they knew how bad the fight looked, but the husband insisted on posting it anyway?