Banksy May Have Finally Been Caught On Camera — And He Looks Pissed

Graffiti artist Banksy may have finally been unmasked by a passerby who caught him spray-painting a wall in Melbourne, Australia.

A video posted on YouTube shows a man crouching down next to a wall with what appears to be a stencil.

When he gets up and walks away, the woman behind the camera goes over to inspect the wall. It's a trademark Banksy mural of anti-immigration politician Pauline Hanson with writing above that reads,

Please explain?

The woman calls out to the mystery artist and runs after him.

He turns around and tells her to "fuck off" twice before swiping the camera and dashing away. His lower face is covered the entire time.

It's very possible the video is a hoax and this guy is just some complete random.

The British artist's identity still remains a mystery. MailOnline claimed to have unmasked him as Robin Gunningham back in 2008. However, the rumor mill suggests his name could also be Robin Banks.


His representatives have denied the man pictured in the Daily Mail investigation is Banksy.

The report describes him as a man from a privileged background who went to private school.

His latest work to capture the world's attention was Dismaland — a parody of Disney Land set up in the grounds of an old swimming pool not too far from Banksy's hometown of Bristol.


The "bemusement park" was only open for a small number of days and featured actors who were ordered to look bored and depressed.


Banksy got loads of high-profile artists involved, including Damien Hirst.


The exhibition touched on many controversial topics, including immigration.


Materials from Dismaland were given to refugees to use as shelter after the park closed.

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