Everyone Thinks Someone's Actual Butthole Is Photobombing This Baby Pic

The following illusion displays perhaps the greatest danger of having a bald head and a hairy back.

At first glance, the photograph posted to Reddit by user lessons_learnt yesterday appears to show an infant being smothered by a giant anus.


A closer look, however, revealed the left cheek was a man's head, and the right cheek was his shoulder.

The initial confusion was largely due to the combination of the fuzz on the man's head, the hair and redness on his skin, the bumps atop his shoulder and that tiny, dark gap between his arm and chest.

Several Reddit users confessed it took them at least a few moments to realize they were not viewing a man preparing to defecate on a child.

One user wrote,


Funnily enough, some of the Reddit users who did not fall for the illusion are bald themselves.

Two bald users wrote,


Friends of the poor man in the photograph will probably still be calling him "butthead" when his child enters college.