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Twitter's 'As A Child I Used To Think' Hashtag Reveals The Child In All Of Us

As a child, I used to think the file in "Great Expectations" was a nail file, which wouldn't be of much use to an escaped, handcuffed convict. That's what happens when you try to read Dickens as an eight-year-old who doesn't know about context.

Turns out I'm not the only one who got things mixed up as a kid.

The trending Twitter hashtag "As A Child I Used To Think" reveals the dumb things we all believed as children. And in some cases, it reveals how dumb we still are as adults.

Keep scrolling for a roundup of the best #AsAChildIUsedToThink tweets.

I guess I've been planning my life all wrong...

Unless you're reading the news, how could you know for sure?

I blame Chucky from "Rugrats" for spreading misinformation.

That's what they want you to think.

So that's why it rains every time Sarah Palin speaks.

Yeah, I never try to telepathically bring the TV remote to the couch anymore...

Dude, totally.

So true it hurts.


I still suspect Miss Allen is a robot slave.

News flash: it's still rad.