Artist Recreates What Disney Characters Would Be Like In 2017 And It's Too Real


Disney has a special place in my heart.

Nothing brings on the nostalgic feels more than curling up to Beauty and the Beast and singing along to the classic tunes of my youth. ("Be Our Guest" is the perfect pre-dinner party song, to be honest.)

However, one artist on Twitter just made me rethink all the magic with his too-real "Alt Disney" illustrations.

Tom Ward (aka @TomWardStudio), a UK-based illustrator and graphic designer, took the opportunity to flip Disney storylines on their heads and reimagine iconic characters in modern day scenarios.

With a creative series of illustrations, the talented artist catapulted Disney animation right out of its '90s and early '00s heyday and into 2017, where our favorite characters are... struggling. They're just like us!

Let's go over some of the not-so-magical realities Tom brought to life.

Prince Charming is a charmless ignorer.

Apparently, his phone is more interesting than his beauty, Cinderella.

Peter Pan is being watched by security cameras.

No peeping, Peter.

Ariel's home is unfit for a little mermaid.

She looks so afraid of the pollution.

Jasmine is me hastily cleaning while her man, Aladdin, plays video games with Genie.

Ugh. At least the magic carpet will be dust-free.

Simba is in captivity.

He looks so sad. That's no place for the lion king!

Alice is given a healthy salad and a glass of water instead of a tiny cake.

But make no mistake, she's still in Wonderland.

Pinocchio's long nose actually makes a great selfie stick.

I'm not going to lie, that extra wide angle is worth telling a little fib. My next question is, does 2017 Pinocchio have an Instagram account? (I'd definitely follow him.)

Check out even more photos from Tom's inspiring "Alt Disney" series on Twitter and Instagram. They're all so good... and all too real.