Apple's First Reality TV Show Is Basically 'Shark Tank,' But Way Nerdier


Confession: I'm a huge nerd, and I can't get enough of "Shark Tank." I actually watch most of the entrepreneur-related shows, like "The Profit," too. And in 2017, I'll get to watch the king of them all: "Planet of The Apps."

This nerdy-sounding show has a premise to match. And what makes it even nerdier is that it's Apple's first venture into original TV. Way to catch up, Apple.

From what we know, "Planet of The Apps" has a "Shark Tank"-like formula. People who develop apps apply and get a shot to present their app to a panel of judges. The names of the judges haven't yet been released, but I can't wait to see which tech moguls they find to grill up-and-coming developers.

Winners get mentorship from the best experts in tech and entertainment, funding from top-tier venture capitalists and featured placement on the App Store. Sounds like a pretty good deal for young app developers who want to find success overnight. I guess the losers will just have to keep grinding it out like the rest of us.

Anyone who is 18 or older can apply to be on the show by August 26. Well, anyone who has apps in beta by October 21, that is. And there's good news for applicants: You can submit as many apps as you want.

Applicants also have to be able to film with them in Los Angeles over a nonconsecutive period of time between late 2016 to early 2017. So if your job won't let you do that, don't even bother applying. Or, just quit your job.

I guess "Planet of The Apps" is a sign Apple is ready to compete with TV giants like Netflix and Hulu. Whether or not this show takes off, we'll probably be seeing more scripted and unscripted shows from Apple.

The nerd inside me sure hopes so.

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