Guy Posts Angry Letter To Loud Neighbors Detailing Their Drunken Rager At 4 AM

Simone Becchetti

If you've never experienced loud neighbors, then please count your blessings.

I have a lot of patience. I'm a kind person. I volunteer when I can, and I always give people the benefit of the doubt.

That said, my upstairs neighbors drive me to such intense points of rage when their children wake me up I often question my morals.

Do I have the ability to fight someone? Is it true I am no longer a lover, but a fighter?

One time I was so frustrated by their noise I just started crying like an insane person.

So, I totally understand why Redditor holdthedoor444 would leave a passive aggressive note to his partying neighbors.


You can really tell that this guy is Canadian; "You're sort of the worst" and "luke-warm regards" is such a nice way to tell somebody to fuck off.

Hopefully, Kristin can gain experience at Air Canada, but then apply for WestJet to get better benefits, according to the super pissed off neighbors.

Our hearts also go out to Jen, who found out Chad had been cheating on her. Imagine how she must have felt going on that couple's sleigh ride with him, only to find that out a few days later. What a prick.

You. Deserve. Better.

Sadly, the pissed off neighbors did have to explain to their cat, who was awoken by the noise, why Tracy was upset by the ending of "Gilmore Girls" season eight.

Personally, I find the whole letter a bit fishy. One Redditor pointed out,

Becky, Kristin, Chad...Where do you live? Beverly Hills 90210 circa 1991?

These names do read like "90210!" I don't know a single Becky or Chad. I do know some Kristens, but never a "Kristin."

Could it be this person made up a fake letter to reap the sweet, sweet internet karma? Do you think a person would just go online and lie like that?

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