There's Finally An Answer To Whether Or Not Canadians Are Nicer Than Americans

Much in the same way that New Yorkers are believed to be loud and abrasive (kind of true), and Parisians are considered America-hating snobs (so not true), Canadians have long been thought to be painfully polite.

It's a stereotype, yes, but as it turns out, kind of a true one — at least, in comparison to us foul-mouthed Americans.

Daniel Schmidtke and Bryor Snefjella, doctoral students from McMaster University in Toronto, analyzed more than 3 million geotagged tweets from Canada and the US in an effort to determine which words are the most popular in each country.

The team found that Americans are as*holes, and Canadians, well, aren't.

Among the most popular words in the US were “sh*t,” “ass,” “b*tch,” “n*gga,” and “hoes.” The top words, by contrast, up North? “favorite,” “amazing,” “great,” “beautiful,” and, “raptors.”

In a press release, Schmidtke and Snefjella said,

We could see the difference between the two countries' tweets as soon as we created a word cloud of the findings.

The students claim their study is the first to use social media to analyze behavioral patterns in neighboring countries, and researchers believe further studies may help us better understand what separates us from our Northern neighbors (besides, you know, national boundaries).

See the word clouds, below, and read more here.

Daniel Schmidtke

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