Everyone's Bringing Back AmericanGirl's Advice And Texting Boys About Vikings


Pickup lines are important.

In fact, they're crucial in surviving the online-based dating world we live in today, because you need to hook your love interests in without even meeting them.

Nevertheless, finding the right line is almost impossible -- and we've tried nearly everything.

Just when we thought we'd become hopeless millennials about to give up on finding the right "hello," 21-year-old Caitlin Whitlock found the answers to our prayers in a book.

It wasn't just any book, though -- it was the AmericanGirl's book, "A Smart Girl's Guide to Boys," AKA the book I should probably pick up again.

Whitlock found her old book when she visited her parents' house and took a much-needed trip down memory lane.

She even tweeted about her golden discoveries.


As she flipped through the pages, she found an interesting passage that gave young girls tips about how to talk to boys -- and one of the conversation starters really hit home.

"I wish they'd teach us more about Vikings."




Who needs a "Hey, how's it going?" when you can dive head-first into a full-blown history lesson?

According to Buzzfeed, Whitlock thought giving her childhood advice a try might be worth a shot, so she used the pickup line -- but "Zach" didn't quite get it.

Thanks, AmericanGirl.


Even though her pickup line didn't quite do the trick, her post received over 61,000 likes on Twitter after posting the response.

That's even better than a first date, right?

Her curiosity about the Vikings inspired even more hopeless romantics to use the pickup line, and the conversations are pretty hilarious.

"I wish you would leave me alone."

Are they even real?


Why, though?


Vikings are really cool.


Are you fucking high?


There you have it, everyone.

If you're single and searching for your next go-to pickup line, definitely don't settle for the one you find in your childhood AmericanGirl book.

Or do -- just be prepared for some very confused responses.