This Teen Sold Her Virginity For $2 Million To A Businessman From An Escort Site

by Alexia LaFata
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An 18-year-old girl named Aleexandra Kefren has sold her virginity to a businessman online for 2.3 million Euros ($2.4 million), according to Metro.

Kefren had been auctioning off her virginity for months on Cinderella Escorts, a "world-famous" escort agency website, when an unnamed Chinese businessman offered her this absurdly high amount.

She said she has even already spoken to her "buyer" on the phone, and the two were "very friendly."

Cinderella Escort

Back in November, Kefren announced her plan to sell her virginity on the show "The Morning."

Kefren is from Romania, and her family is very poor, so she wanted to make enough money to buy them a house, according to Mirror.

She said,

I was 15, and I saw a movie on TV. It was about a girl who sold herself for $1 million a night... 'The Indecent Proposal.' And I thought, 'Maybe I can do this too with my virginity.' And I looked it up on the Internet, and I saw very many girls that sold themselves.

Now she can, too, I guess. Her hotel is booked, and Cinderella Escorts is going to accompany her to meet with the businessman.

The company will also be taking 20 percent of the profit.

Cinderella Escorts

Well then. All I got from losing my virginity was an awkward memory of fumbling around on top of my high school boyfriend's bed with my top still on.

Jokes aside, I'm frankly saddened by this whole thing. Unless this young woman literally wins the lottery, this is likely the most amount of money she will ever make at one time in her entire life. And what kind of message does that tell her about where her worth lies? Not a great one.

Also, the fact that men were bidding such crazy high amounts to have sex with this woman solely because she has never been touched by another man just goes to show how much the world values "pure" women.

This is a pretty sickening way to manipulate women into stifling their sexual desires and viewing sex as some dirty, gross thing they're not allowed to participate in.

As someone who grew up fearing sex because my Catholic upbringing brainwashed me into thinking my appeal was in my purity, I can vouch for how shitty it feels to be manipulated in that way.

Cinderella Escorts

Unfortunately, hundreds of "virgins" appear to be following Kefren's lead. Cinderella Escorts told Metro that over 300 have come forward wanting to sell their virginity, too.

The company said,

Meanwhile over 300 Virgins send us a request for selling their virginity on our website. Girls from Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, from arabic Countrys and from Asia. The wish of selling somebodys virginity is no exception. [sic throughout]

Overall, Kefrens believes it will be better to lose her virginity through Cinderella Escorts as opposed to "giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway," she said.

She believes lots of other women feel similarly. "How many would possibly forgo their first time in retrospect if they could have 2.3 million euros instead?" she asked.


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