Guy With Aggressive Dad Bod Accidentally Sends Extreme Sext To Son

Parents and technology -- you're just asking for trouble. Filthy, filthy trouble.

This guy knows all about it. Just ask him about the aggressive sext he accidentally sent his son.

The picture shows him posing naked with his piece out on display. It was intended for his wife but sadly her day was dick pic free.

He captioned the photo, "Thinking about you," with a kissy face emoji.

But to his horror, his son replied,

Dad what the fuck.

The dad's response is so chill it's alarming. He said,

Sorry son was meant for your mother....

Everything about this is shameless: His dad bod, that droopy member, the blatant disregard for his son's welfare.

Also, can we talk about that walk-in wardrobe? It's mammoth!

Maybe that's why his penis doesn't look as big as it should -- it's all about image perception. A slightly different angle and backdrop would have created an optical illusion most beneficial to him and his shaft.

Regardless, the accidental sext from a parent is the stuff of nightmares.

So here's a thought: Would you rather receive this message, or one from a random guy piling into your lover?

Some poor man claims he was hitting up his girlfriend's phone when he got an unexpected reply from her best friend... who was having sex with her.


The "best friend" even had the balls to say,

She's busy, text later.

Yeah, pretty messed up, right? Well, it didn't end there. He claims he then got this message after: A picture of her showering off her shame.


He was so confused about the whole thing he posted the Snapchat picture on Twitter and asked for help. He said,

SMH y'all, my girl with her best friend and he Snapchatted this. What do I do?

We don't know what to do. We weep with you.