This Grandfather Got Stood Up By His Grandkids And It Will Break Your Heart

When one grandfather made dinner for his grandkids and got stood up by all but one, his granddaughter Kelsey took her frustration to Twitter, writing,

Dinner with papaw tonight. He made 12 burgers for all six grandkids and I'm the only one who showed.

I feel your pain, Papaw. I tried to host a little get-together for six friends in West Hollywood once and not a single one showed. "More guac and Costco beer for me!" I said to no one as I wept into a pile of streamers.

Other Twitter users saw Kelsey's sad tweet and tried to cheer up Papaw by showing their support.

Others were quick to call out these flaky grandkids who hurt poor Papaw's feelings in the first place.

Looks like you've got plenty of party guests to choose from now, Papaw.

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