Adorable Dog With Terrible Vision Got 'Doggles,' And The Internet Lost It

Let's talk about dogs real quick. Do we deserve them? No. Will we ever deserve them? Not likely. Will we continue to obsess over them until the world stops spinning? Can confirm.

Our obsession with dogs — the most majestic four-legged creatures to ever grace our planet — knows no limits. It's almost disgusting.

So when I say your day is about to get so much better after you see Jax, a dog from Austin, Texas, flaunting his new "doggles," you know I speak the truth.

The cuteness is almost too real, guys.

Jax belongs to Madison Berglund, who tweeted these photos of him a few weeks ago. He looked so cute that she just had to snap a few pics.

Naturally, they have been retweeted over 6,000 times.

Obviously, we care more about a dog wearing doggles than most things. And that's OK.

That's just what happens to adorable dog pictures that end up on the internet. No dog is safe from going viral.

Jax has really bad eye sight, so the doctors prescribed him doggles. You're welcome. — Madison Berglund (@madisonkilian) September 28, 2016

Jax suffers from glaucoma and cataracts. The doggles help him see when he's outside, so he doesn't have to wear them all the time (but I wish he would).

Berglund told Indy100 he's a "high-maintenance" pooch.

She said,

Because of his eyes, he has a really hard time seeing in the daytime, he can see a lot better at night so that's typically when we walk him so he doesn't run into things.

On humans, goggles of this kind wouldn't look nearly as fresh.

But look at Jax! He just owns them.

Keep in mind, if this was a photo of a human, literally no one would care.

This dog is so ready to hit the town.


Here are some more dogs who probably could have used a pair of doggles:


Sight is important.


This little guy really needs help.


We're glad Jax can see better now, but we're probably more glad these photos exist.

Thank you, internet, for never letting us down when it comes to endless amounts of cute dog content.

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