This 8-Year-Old Wrote Two Books Everyone On The Planet Will Want To Read

Normally, I can't stand child prodigies. In my opinion, the only real accomplishment any insanely talented child has is making the rest of us less-accomplished adults feel like total sacks of sh*t.

I'll have to make an exception for one eight-year-old author, though, simply for the fact that the world actually needs his contributions. The young writer has already penned two notable books titled "The Fart That Killed Everyone" and "The Fart That Killed Everyone 2."

This eight-year-old is going places

Not only does this kid have a nuanced understanding of what the literary market wants, he also has the makings of a trilogy that could easily translate into a few blockbusters. I'd be shocked if the film rights to these manuscripts haven't already been snatched up by 21st Century Fox.

I haven't read the books yet, but I'm assuming the fart that killed everyone the first time left a population of zombies for the fart to kill a second time. That's how you already know the third installment is going to be the next great American novel.

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