This 8-Year-Old Gave Himself A Drag Makeover, And It Looked Incredible (Photo)

Man, kids these days with their iPads, texting, unbelievable artistic talents and flawless styles, am I right?

Like this adorable boy who is rocking drag makeup worthy of RuPaul.

Ethan, an 8-year-old from Florida, was the very first customer of Joey Killmeyer, a newly certified makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics.

A fan of makeup artist Jeffree Star, Ethan came in wanting to learn drag makeup, and Joey did not let him down.

Joey showed him how it's done on one side of his face, and then Ethan finished it off on the other.

And oh my God, they are both hella talented because Ethan looked AMAZING. See for yourself in the photo Joey posted to Facebook.

A couple weeks ago I got my certification in lessons for MAC. Today I got to do my first one. I was not originally... Posted by Joey Killmeyer on Sunday, January 3, 2016

SERIOUSLY, this kid has talent. He even nailed the model face. #Werk.

According to Joey, Ethan was accompanied by his mother who totally supported him expressing himself through a killer makeup job. So much respect.

I was only a little bit jealous Ethan's eyeliner game is on fleek at age 8, while I stabbed myself in the eye with my pencil liner this morning.

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