Dreams Do Come True: 7-Eleven Unveils New Slurpee-Flavored Doughnut

by Stacey Leasca

Have you been craving something bad? Something sugary, gluttonous and downright naughty? Don't worry, 7-Eleven has got you covered.

The convenience store to end all convenience stores recently unveiled its latest must-have product: blue raspberry Slurpee-flavored doughnuts.

In a statement the company tells TIME, the treat is made up of,

Blue Raspberry Slurpee-flavored icing topped with blue sugar crystals to give the donut an ice-like crunch.

There goes our collective diet, am I right? The treat actually only clocks in at 270 calories, so not as bad as you might think.

And yes, 7-Eleven has released limited runs of Slurpee doughnuts in the past, but this one is special, because it's all in celebration of America's favorite week: Shark Week.

As TIME additionally notes, the sugary concoction is all a big part of a promotion for Discovery Channel's Shark Week, which starts on June 26. But don't worry sugar lovers, you can already pick up the doughnut in stores nationwide for under $1.

So go forth and get a massive sugar high. Just make sure to wait 30 minutes before getting in the water to swim with the sharks.