6 Real AF Cards You Should Totally Add To Your Pink Cards Against Humanity Game

by Lilli Petersen
Cards Against Humanity

If you've never played Cards Against Humanity… well, firstly, don't play with your grandma. Or maybe do, depending on how rad your Nana is.

But if you've been generally uninterested in the “party game for horrible people,” well, now's the moment to give it another chance! The company recently released a version made explicitly for your dainty, feminine hands. Cards Against Humanity: For Her is exactly the same — no new cards, no other changes — as the regular Cards Against Humanity, except it comes in a pink box and costs five dollars more. For her!

The box is a neat dig at the “pink it n' shrink it” of women-focused marketing, through which many products — including gender-neutral items like computers, razors, and even pens — become more expensive when marketed at women.

And the joke gets better.

The profits from sales of the pack are going to EMILY's List, an organization that works to get pro-choice Democratic women elected to public office.

But wait, you ask. Why is the pack all the same? If it's “For Her,” shouldn't there be some lady-specific hilarity, like all, periodsboyfriendswhitewineamirite? Well, lucky us, Cards Against Humanity is providing an extra expansion pack (only another $5!) called the Period Pack. “Our most absorbent pack yet,” the site reads. “Best played every 25-35 days.”

What jokes come in the expansion pack are a surprise. But right off the bat there were at least a few themes I thought would be apropos for the "For Her" pack. So here are a couple of ideas I came up with using Custom Cards Against Humanity for you (or your Nana) to play against all your guy friends.

These are, of course, completely hypothetical and not relatable at all.

Custom Cards Against Humanity

The cringe factor of watching your mom drool over Channing Tatum's hip thrusts is high.

Even worse, if she prefers Matthew McConaughey.

Custom Cards Against Humanity

You've been there.

Custom Cards Against Humanity

You can play this one against "What gives me uncontrollable gas?"

Custom Cards Against Humanity

It's like watching a baby giraffe.

Custom Cards Against Humanity

'Nuff said.

Custom Cards Against Humanity

Of course, these are only a few mild suggestions. But you can totally make your own custom cards, either by buying Cards Against Humanity's "Your Sh*tty Jokes" pack, in which you can write in your own cards, or by creating and printing them out yourself.

Have fun with your Nana!