17-Year-Old's 'Pregnancy Test For Ebola' Invention Will Blow You Away (Video)

Adults who can't figure out what's wrong with the damn WiFi half the time, prepare to feel inadequate.

Olivia Hallisey, a remarkable 17-year-old Connecticut resident, joined host Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night's episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to discuss her “pregnancy test for Ebola.”

The test, which gets its “pregnancy” name from the color change verifying whether or not a patient has Ebola, won the 2015 Google Science Fair and is a major medical improvement.

Hallisey told Colbert,

Current tests are expensive, complicated and, most importantly, they require refrigeration, and this test uses a silk fibroin solution, which is just the proteins from silk cocoons.

Colbert quickly replied,

Don't patronize me. I know what a silk fibroin is. Please... I'm much older than 17.

The 11th grader admitted she devoted a ton of her time outside of school completing the project.

She shared,

There was definitely a lot of time put into it and a lot of help from a lot of people. I had two mentors at Tufts University. I had my science research teacher. I had to contact different companies to get the chemicals I needed, so it was a lot of work but, I mean, I think it was worth it.

Try not to feel twice as inadequate when you hear Hallisey also competes on her school swim team.

We can't all be Ebola Pregnancy Teen, but we sure as hell can aspire to be Ebola Pregnancy Teen.

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