65 Bizarre Things That Are Cool As Hell On Amazon

These things may seem weird, but they’re seriously worth adding to your cart.

Written by Allison Bolt
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If these Amazon finds teach us anything, it’s to try out the bizarre things. You know — the quirky products, the funky decor pieces, the clever but a little out-of-the-ordinary cleaning tools. Not only are they worth trying, but honestly, those slightly weird finds are usually the things that you’ll use the most.

So, take a chance on these 65 bizarre things that are seriously cool as hell on Amazon. They’ll most likely end up being your most impressive (and most used) finds yet.

A Snail Soap Dispenser That’s Easy To Refill

This quirky soap dispenser is everywhere right now, and it makes total sense — it’s functional, and it’s shaped like an adorable snail. The little shell is what you press down on to dispense the soap, which is just so fun. Plus, it’s super easy to remove when it’s time to refill the 4-ounce soap container underneath.

A Comfortable-To-Hold Brush With A Genius Detangling Design

The bristles on this brush might look a little different than your classic hair brush because they’re completely bead-less — that means they won’t hurt your scalp. Instead, they have a cone shape that easily glides through tangles and separates them instead of ripping through them, which leads to less frizz and broken ends. At the same time, the colorful, and comfortable-to-use ergonomic handle will look adorable in your haircare drawer.

An Adorable Cereal Candle That You Can Play With

This cereal-scented candle might just be the ultimate sweet-smelling candle. It comes with a white base that looks like milk and colorful little wax cereal pieces that you can place to customize your cereal bowl. The fun design also comes with three wicks and a reusable bowl and spoon. If cereal isn’t your favorite treat, this soy blend wax candle also comes with fish shaped crackers, trail mix, or yogurt designs.

These Functional Wood Coasters That Look Like A Delicious Sandwich

These wooden coasters aren’t just your average set of eight. No — when you build them, they look like a delicious sandwich thanks to the designs that look like lettuce, egg, tomato, onion, and other go-to fixings. Beyond their funky (and fun to play with) design, these coasters feature a functional non-slip backing that won’t scratch your furniture.

An Easy-To-Use Nylon Protector For Makeup-Free Tops

This getting-ready hood might look a little strange, but it’s honestly the easiest way to keep your tops makeup-free. The lightweight chiffon-like mesh fabric feels super gentle, and it blocks any foundation from staining the neckline of your shirt when you pull it on. It also has a zipper on the back, so it’s easy to put on before getting dressed.

This Snail Mucin Moisturizer With 12,000 5-Star Reviews

This repairing cream is made with nourishing 97.5% snail mucin, and there’s a reason why you’re seeing it everywhere and why this cream has 12,000 five-star reviews. It also has green tea, vitamin E, aloe, and even hydrating shea butter that all work with the snail mucin filtrate to create a seriously moisturizing cream. Meanwhile, this highly concentrated snail mucin treatment won’t clog your pores — yay.

This Comfy Wearable Remote To Scroll On Your Phone

This genius remote control is specifically for scrolling on TikTok or reading a book on your phone. Prop up your phone, slide on this wearable ring-like remote, and use the simple arrow buttons to scroll or turn the page. The wearable design is even perfect for turning up the volume of your podcast when you’re working out.

These Cheese-Shaped Drink Markers That Are Great For Dinner Parties

These silicone wine glass markers are perfect for pairing with a cheese board because each one has an adorable cheese-shaped design. All of your guests can choose their favorite type of cheese and then simply stick these secure markers on the top of their glass to keep up with it.

These Nail Polish-Removing Clips With An Easy-To-Use Design

You’ll honestly feel so professional with these little nail polish-removing caps (plus, you won’t have to book a pricey nail appointment or fuss with weird pieces of foil). Simply add a cotton pad and your go-to remover in each one to soak off polish, including gels. They have a super easy clip-on design, so they’ll stay perfectly secure until your polish is all gone.

A Trendy, Highly-Rated Can Cooler That’s Totally Drip-Free

This popular can cooler is a must for those skinny hard seltzer cans because it keeps it perfectly chilled — just peep the 4.7-star rating. It looks super aesthetic at the same time with its selection of over two dozen trendy colors and ombre designs. The double-wall stainless steel design will keep your beverage colder for 12 hours and is completely condensation-free, so it won’t drip everywhere.

These Necklace Extenders That Blend Into Your Jewelry

You’ll reach for these jewelry extenders all the time because they have a double lobster claw clip design that’s so easy to pop on necklaces and bracelets. You can choose from gold-tone or silver-tone options, depending on the jewelry you’re wearing that day. You also get four size options to create your perfect necklace length.

An Ice Roller With Cooling & Soothing Gel Beads

You’ll reach for this spa-like ice roller all the time because the freezable gel beads are super versatile. Pull this gentle roller out of the freezer when you wake up for a refreshing and brightening skincare moment or reach for it after work for a calming facial massage. It’s even packed with extra beads in the easy-to-clean roller for even more massaging benefits.

This Laptop Stand With A Sturdy & Comfy Design

Not only will this elevated laptop stand make you so much comfier every workday, but it also gives you some extra desktop storage space underneath. The 100% aluminum design is super sturdy, so you know your laptop will stay in place for every video call. It also comes with rubber padding that’s gentle on your laptop and an open back for plenty of airflow.

This Lash Comb To Perfect Your Mascara Routine

This little comb with gentle stainless steel bristles is the easiest way to separate globby mascara. It comes with a long and slightly curved handle to make it even easier to use right after your usual lash routine. When you’re all done, pop on the protective cover before tossing it in your makeup bag.

A Splatter Screen To Confidently Cook Without Popping Oil

It’s so worth keeping this rust-resistant splatter screen in your kitchen because it keeps your stovetop grease-free when you’re cooking. The stainless steel mesh keeps all of the oil inside, so you can confidently cook bacon or stir fry veggies without worrying about oil popping on you. Whenever you need to remove it to check your food, this screen has little built-in feet to keep it off your counter.

An Easy-To-Spray Leave-In Conditioner That Can Help With Hair Growth

This caffeine-packed leave-in conditioner comes with a spray-on formula, so it’s super quick to spritz it on after you wash your hair. This easy-to-use mist also comes with ginseng and vitamin E to help prevent hair breakage and encourage growth — not to mention it even helps out with detangling. The formula is also finished with a bit of hair-lengthening biotin.

These Adorable Cherry Measuring Spoons With An Egg Separator

You’ll definitely want to use this measuring spoon set as a decor piece in your kitchen because they have such an adorable cherry-shaped design. Beyond their cuteness, each of these cherry-shaped spoons is still super easy to use for all of your recipes. Plus, This set comes with a leaf-shaped egg separator on top to make it even more useful.

These Super Durable Packing Cubes With A Near-Perfect Rating

Each of these sturdy packing cubes comes with a handle on top, so you can easily pull them out of your suitcase and grab the top you want. You get four sizes, each of which has some seriously reinforced stitching (in case you’re an overpacker). They also have a breathable mesh top and a water-resistant finish in case something spills from your toiletry bag. As a bonus, this set comes with a laundry bag, which is great for keeping your stuff clean and organized.

A Stick-On Silicone Drink Holder To Upgrade Bubble Baths

This stick-on drink holder is specifically for the shower, and it’s honestly a must for bubble baths. The silicone design is flexible enough to fit 12-ounce cans, and it even has built-in drainage holes, so it won’t fill up with water when it’s not holding a beverage. You can also stick the versatile sticky design onto the side of your cooler for backyard parties.

A Memory Foam Travel Pillow With A Plush Yet Portable Design

This breathable micro-suede travel pillow comes with a drawstring bag, so it’s easy to compress, carry, and pack in your suitcase. This memory foam pillow has a classic rectangular pillow shape to make it way comfier for camping or airplane naps than one of those neck pillows.

This Meat Thermometer With Time-Saving Features

This LED-backlit meat thermometer turns on the second you unfold it, and it comes with a temperature chart on the front so you can quickly check if your dinner is done. It has a waterproof design and even gives you the correct reading in three seconds, so you won’t overcook your meal while waiting on the thermometer.

This Waterproof Picnic Blanket With Comfy Padding

This waterproof and sand-proof picnic blanket looks way more expensive than it actually is, and it even comes with an easy-to-fold-up design and a handle on top. When you roll it out, this adorable and lightweight picnic blanket has a foam padded layer, so it’s comfy enough to sit on all afternoon.

A Compact Strainer That Clips Right Onto Your Pots

This silicone strainer might look like only half a strainer, but it actually clips onto your bowls, pots, and pans, so you won’t even miss the other half. It has a large spout to easily drain your pasta water — and you only need to use one hand to do so. Meanwhile, the sturdy, non-stick design will ensure that noodles or steamed veggies won’t fall into the sink.

A Phone Mount With A Quick-To-Use Magnetic Design

Unlike classic phone mounts, this magnetic mount is quick to use and so practical. Simply press your phone on the super secure magnetic disc, and you’re ready to start driving (without adjusting any clips). Even the setup is seriously easy because it clips right onto your air vent.

The Super Soft & Popular Fleece Blanket That Looks Like A Tortilla

Wrap yourself up like a delicious burrito and be comfier than ever with this blanket. It has a funky and novelty tortilla-like design and shape, but the blanket itself is super warm, soft, and plush. It’s a fan-favorite on Amazon with a 4.8-star rating and over 64,000 total reviews, and if tortillas aren’t your go-to snack food, this funky blanket also has waffle and pizza patterns.

A Pickle Container That Self Strains To Keep Your Hands Juice-Free

Be sure to transfer pickles over to this genius container when you get home from your grocery run. It comes with a built-in strainer with a handle on top, so you can pull it up and grab a snack or cheeseburger side dish without dripping pickle juice everywhere or getting your fingers full of brine. Bonus: this mess-free pickle container also looks sleeker than a pickle jar in your fridge.

A Handheld Zapper To Instantly Take Care Of Annoying Bugs

This 4,000-volt bug zapper is shaped like a tennis racket, so you won’t have to wait for gnats, mosquitos, or flies to fly into a trap. It comes with an indicator light, and it’s even covered in three layers of protective mesh, just in case you accidentally touch it when you’re hunting for that annoying fly in the house.

A Bamboo Tea Tumbler With Easy Steeping Options

This insulated tumbler gives you three options for steeping your go-to warm or iced tea. With the clever stainless steel infuser, you can quickly steep your loose-leaf tea or go for a long steep for a deep flavor. Of course, this stainless steel tumbler also works with a simple tea bag. Plus, it’s wrapped in 100% natural bamboo to make this tumbler look super expensive.

This Vitamin C Eye Gel That’s Super Brightening & Refreshing

Everything about this vitamin C eye gel cream feels super refreshing with its soothing green tea and its lightweight gel formula that you won’t mind layering with your other products. Also packed inside this chic gold bottle is lightweight aloe and plenty of ingredients to leave behind a glowy, bright, and plumped finish.

A Citrus Slice Juicer For Fancy Feeling Lemon Water

This dainty lemon juicer is so aesthetic with its clear acrylic material and simple little bird-shaped design. It will perfectly juice a lemon, orange, or lime slice, and you’ll honestly feel super fancy using the dainty handle and spout to pour the citrus juice into your drink.

This Trendy Disco Ball Planter With A Few Display Options

With this disco ball planter, you can add a touch of greenery, a trendy decor piece, and some sparkly lighting to your space all at the same time. You also get three different display options with this adorable planter — a macrame hanger, a silver chain hanger, or a little acrylic stand for your coffee table.

This Appliance Sliding Tray For A Tidy Countertop

This easy-to-use sliding tray makes it so much easier to use those bulky appliances that are too annoying — and heavy — to move. Pull the little handle on the front, and this silver-tone tray will roll right to the edge of the countertop. It also comes with a non-slip pad on top to keep your blender secure and in place when you roll it out.

These Clear Sticky Notes That Come In 7 Colors

If you like to write in your books but want to spare the actual pages, stock up on these sticky notes. Unlike classic notepads, these have a transparent design, which makes them great for adding your own thoughts and notes to cookbooks, text books, instructional manuels, and do-it-yourself guides. They work with all kinds of writing utensils, too, including pencils, markers, and oil-based pens.

This Gummy Bear-Shaped Night-Light That You Can Squeeze

This night-light looks like a sweet, classic gummy bear, but it has so many smart functionalities that make it great for everyday use. It’s 7-by-3 inches, so it’s a great size for nightstands, but it has a hole on the back that lets you mount it onto the well, too. It has a timer to set off after 60 minutes, but is rechargeable and lasts 15 hours per power-up. It’s squeezable, too, which adds to that adorable gummy charm.

This Egg Cooker That Requires Basically No Effort

This egg cooker looks adorable enough for hosting brunch, but it’s also practical enough for breakfasts before work. It comes with the accessories you need for perfect poaching, boiling, and even omelet making — all you have to do is measure a little water. It takes minutes and is super lightweight, so pulling it out for eggs before work won’t be a huge hassle.

These Floral Candles With An Adorable Bubble Cube Design

You might just end up with these 100% soy wax candles all over your home because their bubble design looks super trendy no matter how you style them. Plus, each one of these adorable cube candles comes with a classic, light floral scent and is topped off with a classic cotton wick.

An Effective & Sleek Tongue Scraper With A 4.8-Star Rating

This tongue scraper is made of durable stainless steel that will cleanse and take care of unwanted breath odors while also being super gentle. It has a simple yet sleek design that will honestly look surprisingly chic and luxurious in your bathroom drawer, and it comes with a linen drawstring bag for storage.

An Adorable Curvy Mirror With Super Easy Setup

This curvy mirror is obviously worth grabbing for how trendy it is, but it’s also super easy to set up. With the flat and sturdy base, you can simply prop it up on a piece of furniture instead of pulling out any mirror-hanging tools. Of course, this wavy pastel mirror also has hanging hardware on top — just in case.

These Sticky Pads To Secure All Of Your Car Essentials

These clever sticky pads will stick right to your car’s dashboard to keep your phone in place, the kitchen countertop for slippery appliances, and more. Wherever you use them, their extra-thick gel design will keep all of your essentials perfectly secure. It’s also super easy to clean off any dust or crumbs to keep them super sticky.

This Rolling Alarm Clock That Actually Looks Nice

This rolling alarm clock has a sleek and minimalist design that won’t stand out too much on your bedside table. When it’s not quietly sitting on your table and displaying the time, it has a super loud alarm, and it rolls around your space until you find it and turn it off. AKA — you have to get out of bed, which makes it perfectly annoying and effective.

This Scalp Massager With 2 Different Heads

Grab this easy-to-clean scalp massager to use on hair-washing day or simply for a relaxing head massage after work. You get two different silicone bristle heads to choose from, depending on the massage or scalp exfoliation you’re looking for that day. Meanwhile, the compact design comes with a little handle on top to make this brush even easier to use.

This Solar Garden Light With A Wide Array Of Colors

Add some pretty illumination to your garden or to your patio table with this light decoration. It’s powered by the sun, so you don’t have to mess with batteries or unsightly cables, and it charges all day. At night, it lights up automatically and displays an array of colors that’s honestly so pretty.

A Collapsible Water Bottle With A Mess-Free Design

This collapsible water bottle is so collapsible that it’s only 1.5 inches tall when you finish drinking your water. With its extra-slim design and leakproof flip-top lid, you can be sure this water bottle will fit in your travel bag, and it won’t spill any leftover drops.

These Animal-Themed Sheet Masks That Seriously Help Your Skin

These sheet masks may look like a fuzzy llama or magical unicorn, but the serums inside genuinely help out your skin. Each mask has a different botanical formula to soothe, moisturize, hydrate, nourish, and/or firm up your skin. And all the while, you’ll look like a silly little otter or panda.

This Mini Cocktail Kit With Practical Serving Tools

This gin and tonic kit with a compact carrying case is super genius for traveling because you’ll always have a mini bar setup ready-to-go on vacation. It comes with three packets of dry tonic syrup, and you even get three packets of lime juice and two different bitters to top off your drink. Just be sure to use the included mini stir spoon, picks, and even the linen napkin to serve it all — just add gin.

A Pumice Stone Cleaner With An Easy-To-Use Handle

This fine-grit pumice cleaning stone has a genius elongated shape, so it’s super easy to use for all of your cleaning projects. It also comes with a handle on top, so you can easily scrub stains all around the house or even on the grill. Plus, it’s completely scratch- and residue-free, so you can use it on the tub or in the sink without worrying.

An Adorable Pet Carrier With A Super Comfy Fit

This carrier for small cats and dogs up to 12 pounds and has a sling bag design that’s comfy enough to wear for long walks or even through the airport. Each one is made with two reversible and honestly adorable fabrics, so you can change up this soft and easy-to-adjust carrier depending on your outfit.

This Chic Syrup Dispenser With An Anti-Sticky Design

This honey dispenser with a matching stand will look so aesthetic on your countertop with its adorable honeycomb-textured glass. It pours from the bottom and has a no-drip design, so you’ll never have to deal with honey or syrup dripping down the sides of this container and ruining your cabinets.

A Peppermint Shoe Spray That Also Works As Skincare

This shoe spray comes with a refreshing peppermint scent that will even take care of gym bag smells or unwanted smells around the house. You can even spritz some directly on your feet when you take off your workout sneakers, and this essential oil spray will moisturize and soothe your skin.

An Automatic Drink Dispenser For An Easy Fridge Upgrade

This clever drink dispenser requires pretty much zero effort because you simply stick it in your bottle of cold brew, milk, or whatever your favorite drink is and clip on the universal cap. It creates a seriously secure seal, and this dispenser will instantly pour your iced coffee when you press your glass against it.

These Best-Selling Packets Of Stain Removing Wipes

These water-based stain-removing wipes will take care of whatever mishap happens while you’re out. Their adorable individual packaging is the perfect size for all of your go-to bags or for tucking next to detergent in the laundry room. Meanwhile, the best-selling, pH-neutral wipes inside will even work on things like grass, blood, oil, or ink.

This Trendy Bottle Of Acne-Helping Body Cleanser

Not only does this body cleanser come with minmalist, trendy packaging, but it also comes with an anti-acne probiotic formula that’s so soothing. It also feels seriously hydrating while it takes care of any painful spots, because it’s infused with three different omegas to take care of your moisture barrier.

A Versatile Water Bottle With A Fruit-Infusing Option

This clever water bottle lets you pack in all of your favorite fruits and herbs (or simply leftover produce that you need to use up) in the built-in water-infusing basket. If you’re out of fruit or mint that day, you can simply pull out the infuser and use this flip-top bottle with a non-slip handle like a classic water bottle.

These Super Low-Effort Exfoliating Foot Masks

These exfoliating foot masks have a zero-effort design because you simply wear them like socks for one hour. They come with a botanical acid formula to peel away painful calluses and dry old skin over the course of a week or two without having to pull out any annoying-to-use skin exfoliating tools (I’m looking at you — intimidating foot file).

A Trendy Mini Vacuum To Speed Up Everyday Cleaning

This desktop vacuum is so practical for everyday cleaning. The powerful design will take care of tabletop or countertop crumbs, paper scraps, and dirt without you reaching for a paper towel. It’s also small enough to tuck in the corner of your kitchen counter or on your desk, and this sleek little vacuum is easy to keep charged with a USB.

This Soothing Pumice Stone Body Scrub That Gets Rid Of Unwanted Bumps On Skin

This brightening body scrub is exfoliating enough to take care of keratosis pilaris bumps, but it’s also gentle enough to reach for once or twice a week in the shower. It’s all thanks to the chemical exfoliators and skin-buffing pumice stone pieces in this soothing formula, which is free of harsh plastic beads or salt.

A Bamboo Sushi-Making Kit With Versatile Kitchen Tools

This sushi-making kit with bamboo rolling mats will help you create a super aesthetic sushi night anytime you want (and without spending a ton). When you’re not making sushi, you’ll still use this kit all the time because it comes with a versatile spatula, rice paddle, and five chopsticks for weeknight dinners.

A Pet Car Seat Cover With An Adorable Window & Pocket

Not only does this waterproof cover keep your car seats completely pet fur-free, but it also gives you storage spots for all of your pup’s travel essentials. It comes with a large pocket built into the quilted fabric and even a mesh ventilation window, so your pup can peek through to the front seat — so cute.

These Can Covers For Tidy & Smell-Free Pet Food Storage

These can covers are way better than wasting a bunch of plastic bags to seal up your pup or cat’s extra food. Their stretchy silicone design has different sizes of rings inside, so you’ll definitely have one that fits over your pet’s favorite food. These BPA-free lids also look nice in the fridge, and they’ll contain the pet food smells.

These Secure Produce Mesh Bags For Eco-Friendly Grocery Runs

These mesh bags are such an eco-friendly grocery run go-to because they come with three sizes, so you can grab a few limes or small tomatoes without using one of those huge plastic grocery store bags. The near-transparent design still lets you see and scan barcodes at checkout, too. They also all have secure drawstrings on top to keep your produce in your bag, and the breathable mesh is great for the fridge, too.

A Trendy & Dimmable LED Light Strip To Upgrade Your Space

These LED strip lights with 15 colors are the easiest way to make your space feel trendier, and they’re super low-effort with their trimmable stick-on design. These dimmable lights come on a flexible strip, so you can bend and wrap them around whatever furniture piece, cabinet, or even TV could use some colorful backlighting.

A Stylized Butter Keeper With A Cutting Board On Top

This adorable butter keeper holds two sticks of your favorite butter and comes with a bamboo cutting board right on top, so you can quickly slice your butter when you’re cooking. This cutting board also happens to be the lid that will keep your butter perfectly fresh in this farmhouse-style stainless steel container.

An Intricate Privacy Film That Feels Timeless

This privacy film simply sticks on with static cling, so you won’t have to deal with any annoying-to-use adhesive on your windows. It comes with an intricate rainbow design that will look like gorgeous stained glass in your space. This expensive-looking film even helps out with blocking UV rays or frustrating glare on the screens in your space.

This Foldable Bamboo Tray That Looks Super Aesthetic

You’ll reach for this foldable tray all the time because it’s super functional, and the bamboo design will actually look nice in your space. It also comes with raised edges, so you won’t have to worry about your laptop or your charcuterie board sliding off while you carry this tray.

A Trendy Entry Mat That Always Looks Clean

This non-slip outdoor mat is surprisingly super durable for just how adorable the design is. It’s made of 100% natural coconut coir that will hide a bunch of dirt and sand, so it will always look clean. When it’s time to actually clean it off, you can simply shake this trendy mat or even run your vacuum over it.