TikTok's necklace flirting technique

TikTok’s Necklace Flirting Tip Might Be The Key To Getting More Dates

Game. Changer.

TikTok: @juminjuice

As any Taylor Swift or Normal People fan can tell you, necklaces might be the hottest piece of jewelry. Lest we forget Swift’s iconic “I want to wear his initial on a chain ‘round my neck” lyric or Connell Waldron’s viral silver chain. Turns out, necklaces aren’t just seductive in an artistic, lyrical sense — they can also enhance your IRL romances. TikTok’s necklace flirting technique is a viral method of getting your crush’s attention. Moral of the story? For the sake of your love life, it’s time to start wearing more necklaces.

A now-viral TikTok video, posted by @juminjuice, calls this flirting tip “the sluttiest thing a woman can do” (in this case, sluttiest is definitely a compliment). “You’re gonna touch your necklace, like the pendant usually, and then [play with it, pulling it back and forth], and then slowly look up,” she explained. With this trick, fiddling with your jewelry is no longer a nervous habit. Instead, it’s a bit of a hypnotic motion, drawing attention to your collarbone (and cleavage, TBH).

Later in the video, she shared another flirting tip: casually touching your lips while talking to your crush. But it’s the necklace pointer that got the most attention. “That first one would make me fold,” one person commented. Another wrote, “As a man with a healthy dating life, the first one makes my knees buckle.” Seems like necklaces really are the way to go.

And @juminjuice isn’t the only one advocating for the necklace flirting method. Tecora Jordan, a dating coach on TikTok, also recommends this method, particularly if you are on the shy side. According to Jordan, looking down, then up, and then smiling at the object of your affection is a great go-to. But if you want to try an “enhanced” version of this technique, she recommends “play[ing] with your necklace.” (You can also experiment with biting your lip and tossing your hair, if you’re up for it.)

Another TikToker explained that she prefers this type of body language flirtation over your typical verbal flirting: “You bet your *ss I can’t verbally flirt. My flirting is through body language. Doing subtle glances? Playing with my necklace with a low cut top? Moving my hand up and down my leg? Yes please.”

Seems like TikTok is in agreement: Now’s the time to start wearing (and playing with) a necklace of your choice.