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7 Things All 'Nasty Women' Have In Common

By Rachel Hook
Last night in the third presidential debate, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman.” Since then, the phrase has taken on a social media life of its own, and for good reason: If Hillary Clinton is the definition of nasty, then other…

People Who Can't Get Over Their Exes Have This One Thing In Common

By Rachel Hook
In my 27 years of life, I've learned a lot about relationships. I've learned there is a balance to strike between passion and comfort. I've learned time doesn't necessarily heal all wounds, but it definitely makes them feel less painful. I've…

This Is The Only Line You Should Use When Rejecting Someone

By Rachel Hook
With all of the recent buzz around benching and ghosting, I had high hopes when I saw an Elite Daily article called, “4 Ways To Reject Someone That Are Morally Above Ghosting.” I thought this would be a piece about how we all need to grow up and…

This Is What You Need To Know If You Ever Want To Find Love On A Dating App

By Rachel Hook
Dating apps get a bad rap these days. In a recent Elite Daily article called “I'd Rather Be Single Than Try To Find Love On A Dating App,” Kelly Nelson describes why she's given up on swiping. Essentially, she describes dating apps such as Tinder,…

Why True Self-Love Is Loving Yourself Even When You Feel Like Sh*t

By Rachel Hook
I think there's a common misconception in today's society about what “self-love” really is and how we achieve it. There's this idea floating around that self-love means you are content, happy and dare I say “in love” with yourself, your life, and…

Why A Pole Dancing Class Was The Only Thing I Needed To Regain My Confidence

By Rachel Hook
Over the past year, I've thought a lot about who I am, who I want to be and how I can get there. Subsequently, I've also thought a lot about growth that is deliberate and intentional. My mindset is this: Instead of simply growing up and letting my…

6 Ways To Ditch ClassPass And Get In Your Workouts For Free

By Rachel Hook
Last year, I moved from my luxury, doorman, elevator building in the Financial District to a walkup in Chelsea. I love my new apartment, and I love my new neighborhood. I love my new commute, my new favorite dive bar across the street and my new…

Why You Have To End Your First Relationship If You Ever Want To Grow

By Rachel Hook
I met the perfect guy — we'll call him B — when I was 16 years old. He sat in the front of my row in AP chemistry, and although he slept through most of his classes, he'd often tutor me before tests. He was smart and funny, and we became fast…