Mariel Elizabeth Co


Mariel is a Columbus based designer with a passion for creative problem solving. She studies at The Ohio State University. She has an appetite for knowledge and is an avid reader, traveler, and runner. See more of her work:

3 Ways Modern Technology Is Affecting Human Behavior And The World

By Mariel Elizabeth Co
Today’s world is heavily reliant on all sorts of technology, like cell phones, the Internet and computers, just to name a few. Of course, these advancements are mind-blowing, but the way they have shaped society’s behavior is also worth…

3 Reasons 'I Told You So' Is That Last Thing To Say When You're Right

By Mariel Elizabeth Co
"I told you so.” These are four dreadful words nobody particularly wants to hear. Yet, people often find a sense of satisfaction after saying them to someone else. Whether arguing with a parent, sibling, friend or significant other, being able to…

3 Reasons Why Traveling During The Winter Is Ideal For Everyone

By Mariel Elizabeth Co
There’s something magical about traveling during the winter season with which summer vacations just can’t compete. However, treacherous storms threaten to make it difficult for travelers to get to their destinations, causing numerous flight delays…

Slow And Steady Wins: 3 Reasons Not To Rush Growing Up

By Mariel Elizabeth Co
In a world that moves at a pace as fast as ours, it isn't unusual to find ourselves needing to do multiple things at once, continuously going from one place to the next and answering a seemingly endless stream of messages on our phones and…

Why We Need To Put Down Our Phones And Listen To Each Other

By Mariel Elizabeth Co
In today’s fast-paced world, it seems like everyone’s attention is constantly allocated to his or her phone, regardless of the presence of company. It’s not that people don’t enjoy spending time with others face-to-face (for the most part), but…

3 Reasons Why Couples Who Cook Together, Stay Together

By Mariel Elizabeth Co
Cooking and relationships: Though they may seem like two unrelated ideas, the truth is they go hand-in-hand. How, you ask? Cooking is an activity that allows a couple to connect on an intimate level, to be creative and strengthen their…