Madison Rae


I'm a PR major at the University of Florida. I become a philosopher after my second glass of cabernet and I write for those who, such as myself, teeter on the brink of oblivious adolescence and adulthood.

Fool Me Once, Shame On You...Fool Me Seven Times, WTF Is My Problem?

By Madison Rae
It’s only 9 am and I’ve already managed to f*ck up the day. I look to my left and there he lays, peaceful and innocent. For once, he’s stripped of his arrogance and self-righteous flair, mute from his demeaning criticisms and commands. He’s immobile…

I Got 22 Problems And They're All Absurd: This Is Your Life At Age 22

By Madison Rae
The second I turned 21, major excitement came with the privilege of using my own ID. Goodbye, fake identity. I had survived the past four years under an alias without ever getting into any legal trouble. But, now, no more memorizing addresses that…

7 Signs The Universe Was Begging Me To Get My Sh*t Together

By Madison Rae
Who are you to tell me I can’t stay up till 5 am with my friends and binge-drink when I know I have class the next morning? And, now, you’re telling me I shouldn’t go home with him after the countless mornings full of regret? You’re just no…

It's Not You, It's Me: 8 Times You're Not Playing On Your Own Side

By Madison Rae
If you haven’t received the whole “It’s not you, it's me,” spiel, consider yourself lucky or in denial. I can, however, almost guarantee you’ve delivered that line at some point in time. Haven’t we all? Don’t feel bad; it happens. Sometimes, we…

15 Struggles Of Being A Full-Time Girl And A Part-Time Bro

By Madison Rae
I grew up playing with Barbies and cuddling my stuffed animals. But, I also had a killer Hot Wheels racecar track and I dominated the boys in Super Smash Brothers. Even now, at 22, I take bubble baths while sipping red wine and I buy more shoes than…

How Transitioning Into Adulthood Feels Like An Unexpected Pop Quiz

By Madison Rae
It has taken me 22 years to realize that my last 22 years have not exactly prepared me for the grueling transition into adulthood. You know that act you pull when class begins and the professor whips out a pop quiz? I'll doodle a bit and take my…