Madeline Howard

Madeline (Maddie) Howard is a freelance writer, editor, and creative based in Brooklyn. She is a long-time contributor across Bustle Digital Group brands who writes about culture, internet, books, art, social media, viral trends, relationships, and sexuality. Anything that piques her interest is fair game for coverage. She is curious and likes conducting interviews because you can ask questions and it’s not awkward.

Her previous work has been published or is forthcoming in Esquire, W, i-D, BOMB, Vanity Fair, Nylon, Broccoli, Harper’s Bazaar, The Creative Independent, Cosmopolitan, and more. Among other things, she was formerly a legacy media print and digital editor at Hearst where she reported on sex, dating, relationships, and mental health. She has B.A. in both Journalism and English with a Creative Writing concentration from New York University.To read more of Madeline’s print and digital work, head to her website Subscribe to her semi-regular newsletter at, which is basically just her blog. Contact her at Follow her on Instagram or Twitter at @maddiehowardnyc for sparse life updates when she can stand it. She prefers to not write about herself in third person and promises to refrain from doing so from this point forward.

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