Grace Durbin

I influence suicide prevention and mental health advocacy on social media. My voice is my heart.

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Why Simply 'Being There' Can Mean All The Difference In Suicide Prevention

Before the arrival of social media, people in crisis turned to 911, or people they personally knew. Today, we can reach out to strangers. But what happens when the strangers become 911, and 911 doesn't reflect the socially networked world? This boy w…
By Grace Durbin

Why You Should Think Twice About Posting #HeterosexualPrideDay

When #HeterosexualPrideDay started trending on Twitter, I almost fell over. It made me realize how busy some people are throwing their "pride" around while they step on other people. They victimize and endanger others, and then, they claim they're no…
By Grace Durbin

Be Generous This Holiday Season — Especially To The Homeless

I was stuck in rush hour traffic when my engine sputtered and my car came to a stop. I’ve always hated driving in the city, but there I was, halfway through a four-way stop, blocking traffic. I immediately began to panic. He was small, thin and rugge…
By Grace Durbin

Violence Does Not Discriminate: Why We Must Fight For Human Kind

I am an Oklahoma woman. One small voice in the middle of the Bible Belt, in a city known as the Heart of Oklahoma. I used to believe this was as far as my voice could ever reach. Then, I found out I was pregnant. Nine days before my daughter's birth,…
By Grace Durbin

Being Bisexual Taught Me That Sexual Intolerance Is A Bigger Problem Than We Realize

She slipped her arms tightly around my waist and pulled my body close to hers with a smile. The warmth of her body made it hard to let go. I could feel my heart begin to pound and my face grow warm as I blushed with surprise and uncertainty. There wa…
By Grace Durbin

It's Not Guns, Crime Or Hate: We The People Are The Problem With Society

"We the people” have a problem, America. It’s convenient to focus vexation at our country's ever-present adversity on impractical venues such as government. After all, we can vote, complain, post bumper stickers and invest in campaigns, but we really…
By Grace Durbin

Never Again: Why Tragedy Should Be A Part Of History And Not A Way Of Life

I remember the first time I heard about a gun that was taken into a school, and children who were killed. The sadness and shock still linger in my heart as if it were yesterday, not sixteen years ago. I was barely 15 years old at the time. I was in h…
By Grace Durbin