Grace Carpenter


Grace Carpenter is a writer, blogger, and dancer currently living in Munich, Germany. She's in the process of writing her first novel and bakes a mean white chocolate cheesecake. You can follow her blog at

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Wait Tables At Least Once

By Grace Carpenter
Most people think waiting tables isn’t an actual job. It’s mostly understood as the “go-to” job for people who just can’t get their sh*t together. Sometimes servers over age 30 are treated with scorn — “At that age, and still waiting tables?”— but…

3 Reasons Why '50 Shades' Is More About Emotional Abuse Than BDSM

By Grace Carpenter
"Fifty Shades of Grey" is known for a lot of things. It’s basically a "Twilight" fan flick about BDSM sex that’s sold millions of copies worldwide. Christian Grey is suddenly more famous than his vampire counterpart — what was his name? — and kinky…

5 Ways I Changed My Unhealthy Body Image By Snubbing Self-Criticism

By Grace Carpenter
I write this without giving you my measurements or my photo because it doesn’t matter what size I am or what I look like. I’m a normal girl, which means I've battled body image issues and insecurities at some point in my life. We live in a…

Do You: Why Who We Choose To Be Is Ultimately Who We Really Are

By Grace Carpenter
It’s easy to say you are a product of circumstance, and it’s easy to define yourself according to your past. My parents did this, and I responded this way; my school taught me this, and I responded like that, etc. It’s easy to define yourself by…

The Importance Of Communication When It Comes To Mental Illness

By Grace Carpenter
According to the National Institute for Mental Health, about 26.2 percent of American adults — that’s roughly one in four — suffer from a diagnosable mental illness in a given year. That adds up to roughly 58 million people above the age of 18. As…

15 Reasons Why Your Life Is Already Great And You Didn't Even Realize It

By Grace Carpenter
When I was scrolling through a website the other day, I suddenly felt like I was being sucked into a self-help vortex. Every other article was a list about all the ways my life was wrong and all the things I wasn’t doing right. Although…

The 5 Affirmations Every Modern Woman Should Tell Herself Every Day

By Grace Carpenter
It’s exhausting and confusing to be a modern woman. We get lifestyle imperatives hurled at us from every direction — telling us we’re not living our lives correctly, that media outlets are poisoning us and that we need to strike a balance of…

The Life Of Little Things: How To Balance The Small Moments And The Big Picture

By Grace Carpenter
While the actual phrase “YOLO” might be new, the culture that it supports is not. It represents the “carpe diem” ideal that “life is short” and that “this too shall pass.” It highlights the “carpe diem” fixation with temporality — the transience of…

Why Generation-Y Has To Stop Worrying About Living And Find Peace With Staying Home

By Grace Carpenter
Our perceptions of time often change as we grow older. Our horizons stretch further into the distance, pushing our immediate reality deeper into the future. Our concerns revolve less around the next two weeks and more around the next 20 years. Just…